Client Funding Results

Paul Enright, Founder & Former CEO of JOMY Safety Products, Inc.

“I had lined up a funding source: a venture capital company that had already approved an investment in our company. However, they wanted to give me a loan at 12% interest that I would have to pay back in three years and they wanted 30% of my company to boot. The deal stunk, but it was the only game in town.

However, just before I was about to commit, I was referred by one of my board members to Michael and his Direct Public Offering approach. I spent time with him, checked out his background and researched DPOs. He had done a number of them and his approach made sense. I went with Michael (in fact I was his first client) and never looked back. I was able to sell stock in my company with no loan payback, and gave up less on top of it.”


“And from the day Michael had us start funding, we raised $1.1 million in less than 11 weeks.”

Steve, Dusty and Mitch,

“We made the first and oldest mistake in the book—we went for the “whale” investors who could write us the big check. We were the poster children for Michael's “school of fish” approach--going after many small investors instead of a whale.

We heard about Michael through a referral and viewed a training program he did. I was dumbstruck—everything he said would happen by going after Angels and VC's did happen.

We thought we had two angels on the hook. They loved us, and agreed to our terms and then they kept stalling us on a final decision. Our funds got precariously low, then at the last moment, just as Michel predicted, they altered the terms of the offer from equity to a convertible preferred debt offer for the same percentage of the company. It broke our back and our momentum.

Our money has now been raised one investor at a time. We have subsequently raised $472,000 and are now preparing for a Direct Public Offering.”

“If you are going after Banks, Angels, or VC's and aren't getting the money—stop what you are doing right now, pick up the phone and call Michael. And that's from all three of us.”



Brian Burt, CEO of Maestro Conference

“After I reached the point of tapping out my ‘friends and family‘ for money, I turned to Michael and his Investor Direct Offering approach. Once I began with him, I had money in the bank in 45 days.
I have now closed our financing of more than $1 million and we are now working with Michael on our next round (which will be larger).

What I've learned from Michael is it‘s not about developing a great business plan, it’s about having great business fundamentals, formulating a powerful investor presentation, and creating incentives to overcome investor inertia. Michael is a master at investor psychology.”


“If you need to raise money, there is no one better positioned to pursue the small individual investor.”

Mark Shaffer, CEO of Funride Car Sharing

“Michael‘s system of Investor Direct Offerings and step-ladder funding approach absolutely works. We have raised $155,000 to date and still going. I had never heard of his approach before and, until then, wasted my time on Angels and VCs with nothing to show for it.

I am a believer in Michael‘s philosophy of going after a school of small fish rather than the whale. Every $10,000 to $25,000 investor is that much more in our coffers for expansion.”

“You're the man!


Madeline Tapia, Founder & CEO of Retail-LinkTV

“We were extremely pleased with the results of working with Michael.

I came to him after I had already raised a good deal of money and ran out of gas. We were literally desperate to raise $100k in 30 days or we were going to miss a significant deadline that would have had severe consequences.

First, he had us change our PPM to a stronger offer. He had us add two high-value incentive hooks and then had us target our message to one highly-specific audience. Simple as those ideas sound, they worked. It was his 30-years of trial and error and knowledge of what works and what doesn't that made the difference.

With his hands-on help, we implemented his plan and our company raised $105,000 in two weeks! That is a fact.

I've had many people claim they could help us raise the money. They might have known the words but they didn't know the music.”


“Michael knows the words and the music.”

Gordon Nuttall, CEO of Rocky Mountain Ventures

“Michael‘s step-by-step process worked for me. Using his recommended deal structure, private placement marketing materials, and approach to finding investors, and ongoing mentoring, I secured my first check in 28 days and closed my first small offering round of $65,000 within 42 days of becoming his client. I have now closed two additional rounds. One for $167,000 and one at $850,000.

I had tried to raise money from both Venture Capitalists and Angel investors. I was too small for VCs and not in their investment sweet spot. As for angels, they just kept elongating their due diligence. Every time I asked for a decision, they dragged their feet, unable to give me a solid answer. I needed the money now and they just couldn't or wouldn't move fast enough.”


“Michael‘s system works. I got more than just the money - I got it with my terms and I also got an education of a lifetime in the art of fundraising that I can use whenever I need capital.”