Michael Bissonnette


Customer funding -- How I did it
and raised millions for my companies




Dear Friend,

My name is Michael Bissonnette. Over the last 30 years I have founded, and built four multi-million dollar corporations from the ground up.

  • The first one failed.
  • The second I sold for a handsome profit.
  • And the third and fourth I took public on the NASDAQ.
    (Public records available at SEC.GOV)

I have raised over $50 million for both my own, as well as my clients, companies -- through 21 (probably more) funding campaigns.

Much of it was raised in the last five years in some of the toughest financial times ever—and I did it without banks, angels or venture capital.

To raise capital, I’ve used a method called Investor Direct Offerings. IDOs capitalize on recent amendments to SEC and state regulations that enable entrepreneurs to advertise and sell stock directly to the public — think customers, and small individual investors.

The following are 3 case histories of my companies, the money I raised, and how I used it to grow them — along with numerous other client funding results.

I am now putting my fund raising skills and battlefield experience to use for companies that meet my particular requirements and where the nature of the relationship is a natural fit for both of us.

Assuming you're looking into customer funding, I would be pleased to offer you a free one-time consultation to get a real sense of this method of funding as a possibility for you.

To get on my calendar, please call my assistant, Boyd, at (303) 449-0239


P.S. Ever heard the saying, "I’m too busy fighting alligators to drain the swamp?"
That’s where lack of capital leaves you. You are perpetually doing multiple jobs
at the same time and can’t delegate because you don’t have the people because you
can’t afford to hire them.

You are perpetually fighting fires trying to get to the next level. Many of us come to the realization you just cant get there form here — I speak from experience.

P.P.S. Why having enough capital is your single biggest competitive advantage: Click here.