Raising Capital?

You're Sitting On $250K To $3M
In Customer Funding Right Now...

and you don’t even know it

With Satisfied Customers, an Exciting Story, and Growing Revenues, You Can Virtually Raise Capital at Will

Here’s why:

  • Your customers are far more interested in investing in a company with a product they know and trust

  • All investors want to be on the inside track of companies with new and exciting growth prospects


    Giving your customers first rights to invest in your company, before others can create an exclusive insider privilege that will be enticing for many

  • Customers want to invest in a company they like (think Ben & Jerry’s)

  • Customers can now use their IRA to invest in private companies. This frees up huge sums of capital ripe for investing in great opportunities

The Benefits of Customer Funding:

  • Quick path to funding: First funds often received within 60 days.

  • The ability to use royalty financing where you give up no ownership of the company, but instead give up a percentage of future revenues for a specific period of time

  • You stay in control of your company, retaining far more ownership than raising capital through angel investors or VCs

  • No loans to pay off or additional bank debt
Take control of your
financial destiny

Thousands of companies like yours have
bypassed banks, angels and VCs and
raised capital from customers.

Learn How 13 Entrepreneurs Funded Their Companies Using Their Customers as Investors